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        Anal Beads

        Anal Beads 3 – Malesation

        R 180.00
        Anal chain with 3 beads and retraction loop in highly imaginative and ergonomic design made of silicone. Soft, hygienic, nonporous, odourless, anti-allergic, durable, easy to clean, phthalates free. Total length: approx. 13,5 cm, importable length: approx. 9,0 cm, Ø of the beads: approx. 1,6 cm, 2,0 cm, 2,0 cm

        Tornado Anal Beads - SToys

        R 238.00R 340.00
        For those wanting to explore and discover an incomparable orgasm the Tornado is for you. The Tornado’s unique structure allows for a gentle insertion, giving you complete control one bead at a time. This toy is made from a high-quality silicone making it waterproof and easy to clean. It measures in at 19cm in length and 36mm in diameter. Tornado...

        Bendybeads Anal Beads – Fun Factory

        R 360.00
        A piece of jewelry around your neck is pretty, but nothing special. But wearing something lovely in a special spot brings a lot more excitement. Bendybeads offers some thrilling possibilities. At a first glance, the elegantly winding anal chain with a unique artistic look is pleasing to the eye. The truly sensual sensation for him or her begins however by...

        Flexi Felix Anal Beads – Fun Factory

        R 288.00R 360.00
        Get that spring feeling all year round with a sensual chain reaction. Flexi Felix shows that a little sense of humour goes a long way when creating a special kind of passion. The stimulating chain of beads with the sweet little beetle face is made of elliptically formed elements in varying sizes. Insert them anally and enjoy an unusually thrilling...

        Carnal Promise Vibrating Anal Beads - Fifty Shades Darker

        R 540.00
        Delve deeper into the world of sensory indulgence with the Carnal Promise pleasure beads. 4 soft silicone beads offer exquisite anal stimulation while the graduating sizes escalate intensity. Push things further with the 3 vibration speeds and 7 patterns.   "I hear a very faint click. Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate – down there! I gasp. The...

        Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads - Fifty Shades of Grey

        R 230.00
        Enjoy more intense orgasms than you ever dreamed possible with the help of these strong, smooth anal beads. Indulge newly discovered erogenous zones and get Fifty Shades more pleasure by trying Christian's tip of removing mid-orgasm for heightened climax.   "I examine them with fascinated horror. All of these, inside me... there! I had no idea.   'They have quite...

        Petite Sensations Pearls Vibrating Anal Beads - Rocks Off

        R 410.00
        This slim set of small vibrating anal beads is an ideal beginner's anal sex toy or stimulator for experienced users that crave world-changing sensations over and over.   Let your anticipation turn to rewarding pleasure as you slip in each pearl, one by one and then remove them at the point of orgasm for ultimate pleasure. The powerful 7 functions...

        Ballchain Anal Beads – Malesation

        R 450.00
        Anal chain with retraction loop in highly imaginative and ergonomic design made of silicone. Very soft, gently and smooth, hygienic, odourless, anti-allergic, easy to clean, phthalates free. Total length: 21,8 cm, Ø 1,8 cm - 2,6 cm