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          Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp – Fifty Shades Darker

          R 178.00
          The clitoris boasts more than 8,000 nerve endings, but did you know that most of them are located at the sides? A clit clamp focuses attention exactly where you need it, delivering increased sensitivity and better orgasms. So, what are you waiting for?   "Holy cow, the feeling is exquisite, raw, painful, pleasurable... Oh - the pinch." - Anastasia Steele...

          Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps – Lux Fetish

          R 182.00
          You may be familiar with the sexy tools found in the most popular adult videos. Get to know Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps – a naughty sexual accessory that is perfect for couples that know how arousing pain can be. These nipple clamps provide your partner with intense pleasure enhanced by the tolerable sensation of pain. Combine these two and you...

          At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps – Fifty Shades Darker

          R 369.00
          Whether you're one of those lucky people who can climax from nipple stimulation alone, or you're someone who's still discovering the full potential of nipple play, nipple clamps are the quickest and easiest way to start your journey to nipplegasm heaven.   "Christian releases first one then the other clamp, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet,...

          Sweet Tease Nipple Stimulator - Fifty Shades of Grey

          R 430.00
          Gentle sensation becomes body-trembling titillation with Sweet Tease, a set of bullet-powered vibrating nipple teasers. Velvet-soft silicone features a slide-to-fit toggle that holds without pinching, so nothing but stunning stimulation is felt.   Length: 11.43cm 3 x LR41 Batteries (12 included) Single speed bullet (removable) Material: Silicone

          Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps – Steamy Shades

          R 385.00
          Adjustable tweezer-style nipple clamps, adorned with black beads for extra stimulation, coated tips for comfort and prolonged wear, can be adjusted simply by lightly sliding the rings, beginners friendly, perfect for nipple play.

          Tweezer Intimate Nipple Clamps – Steamy Shades

          R 331.00
          Adjustable tweezer-style nipple clamps, connected by metal chain that provides extra stimulation, couples friendly, beginners friendly, coated tips for comfort and prolonged wear, perfect for nipple play.

          Endurance Butterfly Nipple Clamps – Steamy Shades

          R 311.00
          Unique industrial design, metal design, coated tips for comfort, attached by metal chain that dangles against the chest, non-adjustable, intense advanced BDSM play, perfect for nipple play.

          Collar with Leash and Nipple Clamps – Steamy Shades

          R 880.00
          Beginners friendly, designed for comfortable fit, lightly padded, elegant sheer black lace overlay on lustrous grey fabric, D-ring and clasp easily detachable from collar.

          Adjustable Feather Nipple Clamps – Steamy Shades

          R 385.00
          Adjustable alligator clamps with decorative feathers, coated tips for comfort, feathers stroking the chest ensure extra stimulation, customizable - pinch lightly or tightly, intermediate bondage, perfect for nipple play.