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Palm Power Recharge Waterproof Massager - Swan

R 1,188.00
The PalmPower has been a favourite among customers around the world since it came. Now, BMS Factory is offering its new version, the PalmPower Recharge which has all the power of the original in a cordless, USB rechargeable version!   The PalmPower Recharge is presented in a slim, informative box. Included in the box is the PalmPower Recharge, an instruction...

Palm Power Corded Massager - Swan

R 1,088.00
Feel the ULTIMATE power in the palm of your hand and experience for yourself why its invigorating, strong and relaxing power is loved around the world!   PalmPower features a sturdy handle and has a massaging head that pivots as you move it over your body. PalmPower also comes with a 100% silicone massaging head which is removable and able...

Smart Wand Body Massager - Lelo

R 2,609.00
Lelo Smart Wand will have you and your partner in bliss with its amazing cordless massage capabilities. This marvellous wand will increase its vibration sensations upon contact with your body using its revolutionary SenseTouch technology. It comes with 8 stimulation massage patters for you to explore and with its discreet whisper-quiet motor you can take this luxurious treasure just about...

Wanderlust Dark Chocolate - Bijoux

R 536.00
Taking a romantic getaway? Make it even more exciting and pleasurable with the luxurious aromas and tastes of dark chocolate. These travel sized essentials will have you exploring each other’s bodies like never before. The Wanderlust Dark Chocolate from Bijoux comes with dark chocolate warming massage oil, dark chocolate kissable massage oil, silicone massage gel and oral pleasure arousal lip...

Erotic Massage Candles - Shunga

R 132.00
Soft lighting, enchanting aromas, sensual foreplay. Shunga Erotic Massage Candles will take you to complete sexual paradise. This candle is designed to have aphrodisiac properties and be non-burning.  With its warm sensuous melting oils drip onto your partners’ body, you will have them in complete bliss.

Edible Body Paint - Shunga

R 309.00
Allow your creative juices to run wild with the divine taste of Shunga Edible Body Paint. This delicious form of foreplay will have you discovering your partners’ body, with the elegant brush provided, like never before. The body paint is made from only premium ingredients and without artificial colouring. Its non-staining properties make this the perfect product for any adventurous...

Senze Massage Candles - Swede

R 376.00
Spoil your loved one with an erotic sensual massage with the help from this amazing candle. This elegantly made candle not only creates an inviting atmosphere with its intoxicating aromas bit when melted, liquefies into a sensual massage oil. Made from all natural products, the massage oil created won’t burn your partner, allowing them to fully indulge.

All in One Massage Glide - System JO

R 480.00
All in One Massage Glide from System Jo is 100% latex safe and is made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade silicone. This provides for a beautifully silky smooth feeling that will last longer, never leaving you skin sticky or greasy. Just one drop provides enough for a sensual massage that will leave you in complete bliss. When those erotic...

Woman Bodyglide - Pjur

R 176.00
Pjur Woman silicone-based, perfume and preservative free, lubricant was specially designed for the soft and sensitive skin of a woman. Great for long sensual massages, the longevity of the lubricant leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. If the moisture balance in the intimate area becomes upset due to stress, after giving birth or during menopause, pjur Woman will restore...