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Massage Candles

Erotic Massage Candles - Shunga

R 132.00
Soft lighting, enchanting aromas, sensual foreplay. Shunga Erotic Massage Candles will take you to complete sexual paradise. This candle is designed to have aphrodisiac properties and be non-burning.  With its warm sensuous melting oils drip onto your partners’ body, you will have them in complete bliss.

Senze Massage Candles - Swede

R 376.00
Spoil your loved one with an erotic sensual massage with the help from this amazing candle. This elegantly made candle not only creates an inviting atmosphere with its intoxicating aromas bit when melted, liquefies into a sensual massage oil. Made from all natural products, the massage oil created won’t burn your partner, allowing them to fully indulge.