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        Woman Toy Lube - Pjur

        R 302.00
        Pjur Woman Toy Lube is the perfect companion for all your rubber, latex, glass and silicon based sexy toys. With its drip-free application you are guaranteed to experience an optimal lubrication effect resulting in a wild and sensual experience. As it has a creamy consistency the Pjur Woman Toy Lube can be applied onto the sex toy with ease and...

        Woman Aqua - Pjur

        R 241.00
        Pjur Woman Aqua has been specially developer solely for woman. As the needs of the female skin can vary this product is not only suitable in the intimate area but can be applied daily to any dry or damaged skin on your body. This super slide lubricant contains no oils, fats or perfumes making this product fully skin and mucous...

        Woman Bodyglide - Pjur

        R 155.00
        Pjur Woman silicone-based, perfume and preservative free, lubricant was specially designed for the soft and sensitive skin of a woman. Great for long sensual massages, the longevity of the lubricant leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. If the moisture balance in the intimate area becomes upset due to stress, after giving birth or during menopause, pjur Woman will restore...

        Original Bodyglide - Pjur

        R 145.00
        Pjur Original Bodyglide is a specially formulated multi-purpose lubricant ideal for those long sensual massages or intense, back scratching, sexual encounters. Its reliability guarantees your skin feeling silky smooth and free from any sticky residue. It is also free from preservatives, odourless and completely taste neutral.

        Aqua - Pjur

        R 134.00
        Pjur Aqua is an exceptional water-based lubricant. It contains zero fats, oils or perfumes, leaving your skin moisture, nourished, protected, and non-sticky. Whether it’s pleasure for two, or going solo, the excellent glide properties elevate your sexual experience. Not only is it easy to wash off, it’s perfect to use with any of your toys.