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Edible Body Paint - Shunga

R 309.00
Allow your creative juices to run wild with the divine taste of Shunga Edible Body Paint. This delicious form of foreplay will have you discovering your partners’ body, with the elegant brush provided, like never before. The body paint is made from only premium ingredients and without artificial colouring. Its non-staining properties make this the perfect product for any adventurous...

Erotic Massage Candles - Shunga

R 132.00
Soft lighting, enchanting aromas, sensual foreplay. Shunga Erotic Massage Candles will take you to complete sexual paradise. This candle is designed to have aphrodisiac properties and be non-burning.  With its warm sensuous melting oils drip onto your partners’ body, you will have them in complete bliss.

Dragon Virility Cream - Shunga

R 637.00
Shunga Dragon Virility Cream gives an intense fire and ice sensation during lovemaking. Made from all natural ingredients and herbs it assists men to unleash their full power and energy while sensitising the female giving pure arousing Stimulants + Enhancerspleasure, helping to achieve multiple orgasms.