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        Silicone Based Lubricants

        Bodyfluid – Fun Factory

        R 315.00
        FOR THRILLING, VELVETY SOFT MOMENTS OF PASSION silicone based love gel a little goes a long way velvety soft tasteless and odorless 4 fl. oz. / 100 ml - aluminum bottle (EUR 199,00 / 1 l)   BODYFLUID – FOR A GENTLE SMOOTH RIDE ON WAVES OF PASSION This sensuous BODYFLUID makes the skin velvety soft, smooth and reduces friction...

        Woman Bodyglide - Pjur

        R 155.00
        Pjur Woman silicone-based, perfume and preservative free, lubricant was specially designed for the soft and sensitive skin of a woman. Great for long sensual massages, the longevity of the lubricant leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. If the moisture balance in the intimate area becomes upset due to stress, after giving birth or during menopause, pjur Woman will restore...

        Original Bodyglide - Pjur

        R 145.00
        Pjur Original Bodyglide is a specially formulated multi-purpose lubricant ideal for those long sensual massages or intense, back scratching, sexual encounters. Its reliability guarantees your skin feeling silky smooth and free from any sticky residue. It is also free from preservatives, odourless and completely taste neutral.