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Ticklers + Sensual Play

Needle Wheel – XX Dreams Toys

R 162.00
ROOKIE pinwheel Ergonomic design Metal alloy needle wheel Irritant, tormenting or stimulating Generates a variety of sensations through pressure change Nickel free

Mardi Gras Mask with Feathers – Steamy Shades

R 404.00
Beautiful statement piece features decorative feathers, sleek black color, made of metal that flexes to fit the face perfectly, black ribbons offer secure wear, perfect for role-playing, adorned with elegant eye-catching detailing.

Adjustable Feather Nipple Clamps – Steamy Shades

R 300.00
Adjustable alligator clamps with decorative feathers, coated tips for comfort, feathers stroking the chest ensure extra stimulation, customizable - pinch lightly or tightly, intermediate bondage, perfect for nipple play.

Tease Feather Tickler - Fifty Shades of Grey

R 257.00
Even the most tickle-resilient sub will soon be squirming under the feathery strokes of this luxurious tickler. Designed to excite the nerve endings for exquisitely increased sensitivity, it makes an ideal beginner's introduction to sensory play.   "Christian trails the soft feathers over my stomach and breasts as I become captured by my desire, needing more and more. He continues...

Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel – Fifty Shades Darker

R 285.00
One of the few sensory toys you can use anywhere on the body, add this beautiful pinwheel to play to tease each and every one of your lover's nerve endings. The result? A super-sensitive plaything who'll be left begging for your undivided attention.   "He runs the wheel over my palm. 'Ah!' The prongs bite into my skin - there's...

Tantra Feather Teaser – Lelo

R 563.00
Explore your partner’s body and discover their most sensitive areas with this luxurious feather teaser from Lelo. This gorgeous teaser is made from beautifully soft down feathers with a polished metal and acrylic handle making to an elegant addition to your boudoir. The lightweight design makes it ideal to hold the teaser with your mouth leaving your hands free to...